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Why are x-rays needed?


X-rays maybe be needed to further diagnose any problems as some complaints are a bit more complex then originally thought.

X-rays are not always required but sometimes become necessary to completely understand the problem.

X-rays also create a higher level of safety, as many times problems are hidden and only found through X-rays.

Who decides x-rays are needed?

For the most part it will be you doctor of chiropractic would be the person to recommend x-rays but the reasons would be discussed before any taken if required and if they can be avoided, we will. Please bring any relevant old x-rays to you first visit.


X-ray costs range from $115 – 215. A large portion of this may be covered by your private health care provider.

When requested we will provide to you a personalized USB, with a copy of your X-rays, complete with pictures and verbal explanation of normal X-ray views.

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