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Meet Dr. Paul Bruno (Chiropractor)

Distinguished Fellow, Chiropractor Of The Year 2018

Portrait of Dr. Paul Bruno

Coming from a family that included a heart surgeon, gastroenterologist, and brother who, at the time, was soon to become a neurologist, I thought chiropractic as a profession could be difficult for my family to accept. Mind you, before I decided to become a chiropractor I spent six years becoming an ocean engineer, due to my fascination and appreciation of the ocean.

When starting to investigate chiropractic, I was surprised to find out how many friends and even family members were seeing chiropractors. I even found out that one of my cousins was a chiropractor.

When discussing this with my family I was surprised by the support I received considering the medical aspect of my family. However, I was not surprised by the support I received from my mother and her sister. My aunt was probably one of the largest factors in considering chiropractic as a career. She was truly a believer in alternative/natural forms of health care. She was always subjecting her family to all kinds of natural health ideas and chiropractic was at the top of the list.

One of the deciding factors for applying to chiropractic college was due to an experience I had with a chiropractor after a baseball injury. The only reason I saw Dr. Mitch (chiropractor) was because my dad and uncle met him through work and spoke highly of him. I will never forget that first visit. It took some time, but the results were incredible. I also found out he was the chiropractor for the Harlem Globetrotters. This had my mind starting to set goals. I knew I needed to be a Chiropractor.

I was told by the chiropractic school I needed some additional courses to be eligible to apply. So I immediately enrolled into two local Universities and started taking the additional pre-chiropractic courses to add to my previous science degree to be eligible.

Not long after, I packed up and moved to Atlanta, Georgia and began my chiropractic education at Life Chiropractic College (currently Life University). During these additional four years the courses included; biochemistry, histology, multiple anatomy courses, physiology, x-ray, pathology, neurology, orthopaedics, multiple adjusting techniques, and a strict internship in both of the Life Chiropractic Colleges public clinics.

After graduating in 1990, I moved to Florida where I thought I was to begin my chiropractic career. To my surprise, I received a few phone calls from different chiropractors in Australia. I remember mentioning in school one day, “it would be interesting to maybe practice in Australia for a while”. It’s amazing how far words can travel!

dr-paul-bruno-and-familyWithin a few months I packed my bags again and headed for Melbourne Australia where I practised for a few years before settling in homey Perth. In Perth I built a purpose built office which is almost an exact drawing of plans I drew as my dream office during a class in the last semester in school. Dreams do happen. Many people doubted the size, sophistication and location of my office but I figured “if you build it they will come”.

At Mindarie Keys Chiropractic and Wellness Centre we love and accept all types of patients. Even SKEPTICS! Once the skeptics concerns are addressed and relieved, they become the best patients. This is one of the reasons we make sure we explain everything to the patients as best we can from the moment they call us on the phone and through-out any ongoing care. We know patients expect and appreciate this level of communication.

I love my family practice, but seem to have the most fun with the children. When you meet me, I’m sure you will understand why. I also enjoy the challenges of everyday practice as well as those patients without pain for preventative measures. I have been practising here since 1997, so the amount of preventative patients has grown. Probably a third of my patients fall into the category. I believe life is precious; let’s get the most out of it and ourselves.

Over the years I have been heavily involved in my profession. I have been State President, National Vice President, Liason to the Chiropractic University and Chaired Public Education Nationally and within the states I have practiced.

I am also one of a few in Australia who has been blessed with the honour from the International Chiropractor’s Association as a Distinguished Fellow.

In 2010 I became married to my beautiful wife Natasha who also shares the same love and passion for chiropractic. We have three beautiful daughters who have all been raised with chiropractic and wellness principals; Marina, who is the oldest from a previous marriage, Adriana and Naylah who always keeps our lives interesting.

As the principle chiropractor of Mindarie Keys Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, I would like to thank you for visiting our site. There are four Chiropractors in our office and all of us would be more than happy to serve you and your family. I am fortunate to have fallen in love with a profession that I have enjoyed for the past 20 + years!

Thank you.
Dr. Paul F. Bruno BS FICA
Distinguished Fellow

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